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We have many options available for landscaping. We are the wholesale manufacturer of Deep Lake Shale, which is a reddish brown shale crushed into five different sizes. Brewer Black rock is a dark grey rock crushed into full fractured drain rock in two sizes as well as crusherchips. Our screened Topsoil has been brought in from different locations around Vernon. It is screened to remove rocks and organics, and mixed with sand to provide aeration. Garden Mix is the same as topsoil with the addition of cow manure compost as a fertilizer. Also refer to our commercial products page as many of the products are suitable for landscaping as well.

Landscape Gravel Products

Deep Lake Shale
(available in 5 sizes: 1”, 2”, 1”-3”, crusherchips and Oversized)

12.5mm-25mm Brewer Black Fractured Drain Rock (1/2”-1”)

3/8” Natural (Pea Gravel)

25mm-50mm Brewer Black Fractured Drain Rock Fractured

Screened Topsoil

Brewer Black Crusherchips

Garden Mix

Oversized River Rock