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Gravel Products

All products manufactured to MMCD, Ministry of Transport and City of Vernon specifications. Products are tested by independent engineering firms during manufacturing. We load commercial trucks, pick-up trucks and utility trailers. We also have 7 Truck and pups and offer residential and commercial delivery of all of our products. Please call today for your free estimate.

Commercial Spec Products

150mm Minus Pit Run Select
(6” Minus Screened)

12.5mm -25mm Drain Rock Fractured (Radon Rock)

12.5mm Minus Spec Sand (Bedding Sand/Hydro Sand)

19mm Minus
(3/4” Minus Crushed)

25mm-50mm Drain Rock Fractured

Masonry Sand

25mm Minus
(1” minus Crushed)

12.5-25mm Drain rock Natural (Radon Rock)

75mm Minus
(3” Minus Crushed)

25mm-50mm Drain Rock Natural


Jawed 150mm Minus Pit Run

Pit Run Sand

3/8” Natural (Pea Gravel)

Jawed 75mm Minus Pit Run

Screened Sand

Oversized Rocks

Jawed Rock 150mm

Salt and Sand

Nava Jack

RAP (Recycled Asphalt)