Equipment Rentals in Vernon, BC

Our fleet of equipment is always changing and growing to meet the needs of an ever developing community. Our equipment is available for hire to help with all of your projects. We have seven truck and pups available to haul all of our products to large commercial sites as well as residential homes. We have four loaders, five excavators, a backhoe, a grader,  two rock trucks,  a mini excavator and two skidsteers for all your earthmoving needs. We also have two trailers for moving equipment and a water truck for dust control on jobsite as well as in our gravel pit.

All of our equipment and trucks are run by qualified operators many of who have worked for the company for a long time. This loyaltee and expertise shows in their quality workmanship. Some of our equipment remains in our gravel pit for the purpose of manufacturing gravel and reclamation.


We have two 966 Cat Wheel loaders and two 980 Cat Wheel loaders. Two of these loaders listed below are available for hire, the other two are used for gravel production and reclamation in our gravel pit. We are one of the few companies who provide loaders for hire. They are very efficient way of moving earth on-site. We use them to build riding arenas, large site grading projects, site preparation for commercial buildings, and road building.

  • 2012- 980H Cat Wheel Loader
  • 2002- 980G Cat Wheel Loader
  • 2014- 966K Cat Wheel Loader
  • 2008- 966H Cat Wheel Loader


We have six excavators to meet all of your needs for any size jobs.  From small residential upgrades to large subdivision underground projects we can always supply you with the right piece of equipment for efficient service and a quality job.

  • 2012 -329EL Cat Excavator
  • 2013 -320ELRR Cat Excavator
  • 2008- 320DRR Cat Excavator
  • » 2007- 320CL Cat Excavator
  • 1997- 320B Caterpillar Excavator
  • 2011- John Deere 50 Mini Excavator

Backhoes & Skidsteers

  • 2006- Cat 242B Skidsteer
  • 2004- Cat 236B Skidsteer
  • 2010- John Deere 310 Backhoe

Other Equipment

  • 1986- 730 Champion Grader
  • 1998 D8R Cat Dozer
  • 2005- Ingersoll Rand 54″ Vibratory Roller Packer


Our fleet includes seven trucks and pups to provide you with quality and efficient service. We are available for deliveries of gravel products, on-site hauling and fill hauling and disposal. Each truck can haul 15 tonnes (12 yards or 8 cubic metres) as a tandem or can pull a pup for a total of 25 tonnes (24 yards or 15 cubic metres). We also have two trailers for hauling machinery, a water truck, and two rock trucks for off-road hauling.

  • Truck #101: 2014 Kenworth
  • Truck #102: 2004 Kenworth
  • Truck #103: 2007 International
  • Truck #104: 2007 Kenworth
  • Truck #105: 2006 Kenworth
  • Truck #106: 2004 Kenworth
  • Truck #107: 2015 Kenworth
  • Tilt Deck Trailer: hauls up to 20 tonne machines
  • Cat Lowboy Trailer: hauls up to 5 tonne machines
  • 2005 F750 Ford Water Truck: 6500 litres with pump
  • 1998 D250 Cat Rock Truck
  • 1997 D250 Cat Rock Truck