Who We Are

Serving the Vernon Area Since 1944

R.E. Postill & Sons Ltd. Was started in 1944 and has been serving Vernon and Area for over 68 years. Changing with the growing community, R.E. Postill & Sons has always provided quality products and efficient service.

Postill Nixon Earthworks partnership between R.E. Postill & Sons Ltd. And Nixon Earthworks Ltd was formed in 2007. This fully bonded company runs the excavation end of the company.

Together specialize in Producing quality gravel products manufactured to meet MMCD specifications, wholesale landscape products, and delivery of all products. We also provide site preparation for commercial and residential lots, underground servicing, basement excavation and all the odd jobs in-between.

We can do any job large or small from start to finish, as we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and efficient services at a reasonable cost.

R.E. Postill & Sons Ltd.

R.E. Postill & Sons Ltd. R.E. Postill & Sons Ltd was established in 1944 by Russell Eugene Postill and has progressed through 4 generations of owners. Today the company is run by Linsey Johannson, the great-grandaughter of the founder, and her husband James.

Originally many of the jobs were out of town with one of the first job being the excavation of the Douglas Lake Drainage. The company has evolved over the years to meet the needs of the growing community. Presently R.E. Postill & Sons Ltd. produces and delivers gravel, builds roads, and excavates basements. They also specialize in site preparation and servicing for commercial properties.

R.E. Postill is fortunate to have a great crew of longstanding employees, many of whom have worked for three generations of Postill’s. This loyalty greatly contributes to the success of the company.

Postill Nixon Earthworks

Established in 2007- Postill Nixon Earthworks is a corporate partnership between R.E. Postill & Sons Ltd and Nixon Earthworks Ltd, owned by Braden Nixon.

Postill Nixon Earthworks and R.E Postill & Sons Ltd. work together to provide quality workmanship and efficient service. Although they started with digging residential basements with 1 machine, it quickly progressed into doing underground service projects and large commercial site preparations.

With a wide variety of skills and jobs in our repertoire, we are available for jobs large and small. Postill Nixon Earthworks is a fully bonded company.